Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catching Up

Just some bits and pieces and random thoughts since I haven't posted in a while.

 I love this quote from Marc - his blog is amazing and everyone with a chronic illness can benefit from reading Marc's take on his own disease.  He is real, brutally honest, and very very smart.  Here's a link to the Wheelchair Kamikaze's Blog.
"I can advocate for and educate myself, but the actual healing is out of my hands. The only control I do have is to take the journey moment by moment, focusing on the good contained within each passing now, and accepting the bad as a particularly unpleasant traveling companion. With each day there is night, with each peak there is valley, for every gain there must be loss. Such is the way of nature; such is the way of life…"    Marc Stecker aka Wheelchair Kamikaze

The Tampa CCSVI Symposium and Walk 'N Roll was a huge success.  The Alliance exceeded their goal and both the lectures and walk were very well attended - far greater than expected.  Everyone who spoke did well and we were warmly received.  The auction was wonderful with a lot of fabulous items.  I worked the auction and registration tables until it was time to speak so I missed some of the doctor's talks but I believe the CCSVI Alliance will be posting the video of the symposium.
Nicki Watts did an incredible job of organizing this pretty much on her own with the support of Michelle Brown (long distance from Connecticut).  Congratulations to everyone for a very successful event and thanks to all the sponsors and donors who participated.  And thank you to everyone who donated to my walk page, allowing me to far exceed my goal.  I raised $985.00 and am sending in another $15 just to even it up!  Here are the links to two photography sites who donated their services.  The photos are wonderful and capture the spirit of both days. 

Symposium Photos by Kimberly Yau Studios        Walk Photos by Lucy Perl Photography

One week of rest before 'hell week' starts again for our Verdi Requiem performances.  We're performing with the Lynn Philharmonia in a partnership that will save us some money because two performances will be in the University's new theater which is gorgeous, and we don't need to rent space or hire an orchestra!  Their conductor, George Schram, is very well repsected and I'm excited to meet him next Monday.  We rehearse Monday through Wednesday and perform Thursday through Sunday.  Hopefully we'll all have some voice left by Sunday because this is a demanding work, but one of my very favorites to sing.  The seating arrangements may be better for me as my section is on the end, so I can sit for a lot of the performance and not stick out like a sore alto.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am a feature article on the CCSVI Alliance website.

I was honored to be asked to write a patient perspective for the CCSVI Alliance.   They just published it as the March feature on that section of their website.  They used a photo I sent them but it looks so large!  I thought the one I sent was smaller :)   To read my story, along with my friend Michela's companion piece, just click this link:

       Andrea's Patient Perspective

  Note:  the page can be slow to load so please have patience.  (Probably that huge photo!)