Photo Page - Family and Friends

I got to meet Dr. Zamboni!  I was a bit nervous but thrilled!

                                      Zack at a wedding in Italy  -  not his!                                   

      Another view of my baby boy.                    
                             My brother Barry and his wife Carmen and me at a mall in Miami

Can't leave out some friends:  At the rehearsal with Itzhak Perlman and the Russian National Orchestra.  This was a unique thrill.  I'm on the far left, black shirt, red hair. 

And my best friend Lauren - known her since we were 7 yrs old - fellow MSer - great friend.  Here she is at the Traveling with Disabilities information table at an MS Women's Conference that she founded through her local chapter.  Lauren's been all over the world with her trusty Travel Scooter.  She even came to my little island of Vieques when I was living there.  Getting the scooter into my car was an adventure I don't want to repeat!  We had a blast though.