Friday, August 27, 2010

Going for the jugular in Tampa?

Yesterday I read a post and watched a video on Facebook from a woman who had the CCSVI procedure performed in Tampa, Florida.   Yes, Tampa!  Four and a half hours away from my home!   Well, this was news to me - so I immediately looked up the name of her doctor, read up on his credentials, (which were pretty impressive) and fired off an email to him at around 10:30 PM.  At 11:00 PM I got a reply!  Wow - lucky timing that he was checking his email that late - could it be a sign? 

Anyway, we exchanged three emails and I will be waiting for a phone call to schedule a consult with them.   I have a bunch of questions, and will be speaking to the woman who had the procedure done later later today - she just answered my message to her.   I was told they require 3 days in the area (vs. the 4 days California wanted).   It would certainly be easier than flying 3,000 miles away not to mention the money I'd save in airfare and hotels.   Plus I could get the follow up done by the same people who did the procedure.   I'm getting excited but trying to contain it so I'm not too disappointed if it doesn't work out.  In any event, having more options is only a good thing. 

So this is the latest in my CCSVI journey - come along for the ride but fasten your seat belts.  I've been bumped around on this ride for a few years so be prepared!

Note:  I added a link to a video of  Dr. David Hubbard. It's long but extremely informative and he also explains his version of the CCSVI theory which differs slightly from Dr. Zamboni's.   Both make sense.   It's just great that this is now opening up dialogues in all areas of medicine.

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  1. That would be wonderful. Tampa would be so much easier.