Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dr. Rob - A Blog Post Worth Reading

Thanks to Marc Stecker, the Wheelchair Kamikazee, for turning me on to Dr. Rob Lamberts' blog, "Musings of a Distractible Mind".  Dr. Rob as he is called is a PCP (board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics), and has written a very interesting post on his blog entitled A Letter to Patients with Chronic Disease.   The link is posted to the right in the Links You Should See section. (For some reason I can't get links to appear within the post - I'll work on that.)

What was so interesting to me was the cornucopia of comments this post engendered.  They were all over the place, from agreement to anger, with people sharing stories of great, compassionate doctors and horrific treatment at the hands of medical professionals.

I don't know which I learned more from: Dr. Rob's post or some of the comments.  When you have some time, it's worthwhile reading for anyone who's been frustrated at the doctor's office.  That's probably everyone reading this right now.

I haven't read a lot of Dr. Rob's other stuff but plan to look through it when I have more time-maybe while in my doctor's waiting room.

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