Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pre and Post Angioplasy Videos up on YouTube

Just a short message to tell you I made a Pre-Angioplasty video and it's on my Facebook page and on YouTube under Msandisue.  Or just click the link below.   Warning: do not view this early in the AM or if you have an aversion to large butts.  Not recommended for small children.

Next week I'll post the "after" video - ( See the After link above ) I hope it shows improvement.  My butt will still be huge but not for long.  I have vowed to change my eating habits and exercise more often. I'm expecting that if I see some improvement with fatigue I'll be able to get out to the gym or at least use the Wii that I've had since last December!)

Wish me luck - the magic day is October 7th - could be my new birthday!

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