Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frustration - as defined by the Wheelchair Kamikaze

The well known MS blogger Wheelchair Kamikaze has posted one of his very best essays this week.  His blog is so popular because he not only writes beautifully, but also he expresses for many in the MS community what we are feeling but don't know how to put into words.  Marc Stecker writes frankly and honestly about his personal battle with PPMS (primary progressive MS), and his latest post is sort of an addendum to his previous one which dealt with the emotions felt by a person with MS.  When a reader pointed out he'd left out the feeling of frustration, he promptly responded with this incredibly insightful, honest and thoughtful essay.  Please go and read it here:

                            THE FRUSTRATION MACHINE

If you continue and read the comments, my initial response can be found there, but I felt I needed to say more.  Marc got it exactly right, especially the last paragraph which reveals so much about this man whom I truly admire.  His resiliency, courage, optimism and tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds is always amazing to me.  I try to model my response to this frustrating  disease after his.  I don't always succeed but it sure is a worthy goal to aim for.  Thank you Marc for everything you do. You are brave. You are intelligent.  You make a difference.

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