Friday, January 13, 2012

Falling, Yes I am Falling...

Wheee!  Here we go again!
Well I didn't plan to update the blog this quickly but this morning I had another battle with the MonSter that I live with.  Woke up at 5 AM to use the bathroom.  Bubba stayed asleep (good dog) and I walked to the bathroom, did what I needed to do, and started to go back to bed.  But after two steps, without warning - my left leg just collapsed.  There was a sharp pain and before I could even grab the counter I was on the floor, sitting on my butt. 

Now in that room is a sink, counter top, toilet, a metal walker-type frame with handles that I use to lean on at times, and the shower.  After I took inventory and saw I wasn't hurt, I had to try and figure out how to stand up. You'd think with all that equipment at hand it would be easy but it wasn't.  After trying various ways for about 15 minutes I was exhausted and needed to rest.  I just sat there and, surprise, in comes Bubba to see what's going on.  He was no help so I told him to back to sleep. He left and got into his bed. Good dog! He's getting used to seeing me down at his level and realizes I'm not there to play.

(Shameless excuse to insert photo of Bubba)
OK, back to the task at hand.  Scooted on my bum out to the bedroom where the floor is carpeted - maybe that would be easier.  But still didn't have enough strength to pull myself up using the bed.  (I have one of those very high beds - comfy but not good in this situation.)  Could only stay on my knees a short time which didn't help.  Whew - that took some energy so, rest time again.  What next?  Where the hell did I leave my phone?  Oh, it was in the basket of my scooter because, like a good girl, I took it with me when I walked Bubba last night.  

So I crawl out to the dining room where I parked my scooter and get the  phone.  Whoops, barely charged 'cause I left it in the basket overnight.  And damn, my door is locked.  Not even going to try and open it since the foyer is all tiled... I'm staying on the carpet.  I figure there's enough charge in the phone to call Security if I need to.  OK, what now?  Maybe I could use the scooter to help me up.  Nope, that didn't work.  Next.  Threw myself across one of the dining room chairs but still no go.  Moved another chair on the other side and... YES!  I was able to use both chairs plus the table top as supports and all my strength. I was standing!  Yay!  I sat down on one of the chairs to get my breath and here comes Bubba, ready for his morning walk!  Looked at the time and saw it was 6:15.  Wow - that took a while.  After a few minutes I was able to stand again and get to my walker.  Then I got dressed and we went for our usual 6:30 morning walk with the scooter.

I have no idea why the knee keeps doing this, but according to Dr. Zack it is not a torn tendon - to him it sounds like a torn meniscus and surgery is the only repair.  Need an MRI to be sure.  Uh, that's not going to happen until I have Medicare.  Meanwhile, I smashed up a toe in this process so that will be taped up later today.  

I'm making mental notes about how I got upright.  Next time this happens, (and it will), I won't waste energy trying other methods.  I'll just get myself over to the dining room and use those nice heavy chairs to help.  I see this as progress - I did it myself.  That means I'm still able to live independently and of course, I always have: 

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  1. Sorry you fell, but great attitude about handling all this stuff that we share!