Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and such

For those of us who no longer have their Mom's with us, Mother's Day can be difficult.  There's not a day goes by when I don't think about my Mom, Sylvia Wulkan, who was truly my best friend and always my champion.  She was there for me in times of joy and troubles; even when she disagreed or disapproved of my decisions, our love and respect for each other never got lost in the mix.  She was a unique individual with a huge loving heart and is missed by many.

I have many photos of her but none are digital, and I need to work on that so I can add her beautiful face to this post - but for those family and friends who knew my Mom, I know she is not forgotten. 

I hope everyone reading this takes a moment to remember their Mom - and appreciate the love and care we receive from our mothers.  They shape us and make us who we are, more than we realize and whether we like it or not!

So, my son just called to wish me happy Mother's Day and my newest 'child' Bubba, is sleeping at my feet.  He is such a good dog (most of the time) and I'm so glad to have him at this point in my life.  

Here's a sketch I made yesterday - not great but it does really look like him!  (I need to work on the mouth a bit more).  Of course, he didn't "sit" for this portrait.  I did it from the photograph shown in my previous post.   It looks grainy here but in person it's crisp and clean.

I was really surprised that I could capture his face but I'm happy with the result, considering I've only been drawing for a month.
Here's another sketch I started in class and finished at home.  It's going to be put in a show at the Senior Center.  The horse and my pastel Rooster were requested for the show - pretty amazing!  Who knew??

Off to meet a friend for coffee and desert - our Mother's Day treat to ourselves.   Enjoy your day too!

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  1. Hi, my Mom was a Sylvia too, and she passed away in 1982 from a massive stroke in eleven and half hours on February 15th, and so I do know how it is.
    But love is eternal and as we all hope and pray that our loved ones do know that and are somewhere in the heavens watching,listening and still caring for us and all that we do...or so they are they? Sorry, but you know me...